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I don't even remember since when I started using a camera, what I do remember is that I almost never appeared in the pictures, always being the volunteer to capture the moment, never took it seriously, even thought it might be a hobby, but every time I took a photo wanted it to be better than the other. Through the years as a Systems Engineer and Graphic Design career, the photography was the most important part of the creation of my designs, perhaps that's why I decided to approach professional photography. For me photography is a magic moment of a real situation that can not be explained in words but that gives you freedom to create your own narrative, freedom to spice up an image.

I grew up in a culture where the folklore is unique and colorful, I've always loved art in all its forms from the food, the music, the paintings, the language, the abstract and colorful, that is where the idea come from, my purposes is visually communicate through an image the beauty and spirit of the people, objects, shapes, colors, a bold idea than surprised by its originality to invite conversation and feelings and make that connection with the present. My main goal as a photographer is that my clients enjoy the time of their life captured from my artistic perspective as much as I did highlighting and showing their true colors.


Zulma Luna



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